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Thank you for participating in the Marx four inch pressed steel research project. Your submissions will help complete the record of what Marx produced in this series.
This page is for the purpose of identifying the only automobile produced in the series; the Chrysler Airflow.
Please scroll through the entire page and select one choice from each section by pointing your mouse to the appropriate button () and clicking the left hand button on your mouse. This will cause a black dot to appear within the circle indicating that this is your choice. At the bottom press the SUBMIT QUERY button, then press the reset button to start another vehicle. If your vehicle has been repainted or has a reproduction grille please do not submit the data for it. If you are unsure whether the vehicle has been repainted please note so in the comments text box near the bottom of the page. Reproduction wheels and axles are acceptable.



There are 20 known colors. Select one.


If this vehicle has any name printed on it please type the name in the text box below.
An example of this would be the word CHIEF which appears on the red Airflow from some of the General Alarm Fire Houses.


There are two body styles. 1st has the rounded running boards. 2nd has flat running boards.
Running boards are the bottom section of the car below the doors and between the fenders.

Select one.



Some vehicles have embossed details. 1st has embossed doors and roof. 2nd has no embossing.
The embossing is a detail pressed into the steel sides and top of the vehicle to delineate doors, door handles, and window trim.

Select one.



There are two legitimate grille styles. 1st has 14 fine teeth. 2nd has ten teeth.

Select one.



There are possibly three grille finishes. 1st is tin plated. 2nd is copper. 3rd (possible) is painted.

Select one.



There are two headlamp styles. 1st is dimpled. 2nd is flat.

Select one.



Some vehicles had Chrome Hood Srtips. Most did not.

Select one.



There are two front wheel attitudes. 1st is steerable. 2nd is fixed.

Select one.



There are two tire types. As viewed from the front or rear. 1st are flat bottomed. 2nd are convex.

Select one.



There are three distinct axles. 1st is thin (about 1/16" diameter). 2nd is thick (about 1/8" diameter). 3rd is threaded for bolt-on wheels.

Select one.



     There are two power sources. 1st is freewheel. 2nd is clockwork motorized.

Select one.



     There are two key types. 1st is a slip-over square shaft key. 2nd is a fixed key, pressed onto the motor shaft.

Select one.



There are five possible keyholes. 1st is large on drivers side. 2nd is small on drivers side.
3rd is large on passengers side. 4th is small on passengers side. 5th is no keyhole.

Select one.




There are six possible logo styles. 1st is MARX logo on trunk. 2nd is Made in USA logo on trunk.
3rd is Made in Cuba logo on trunk. 4th is Made in Japan logo on trunk. 5th is MARX logo rubber stamped inside roof. 6th is no logo.

Select one.


Other than the first logo shown above, these logos are mock-ups. Actual logos will differ in appearance.


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  • SUBMISSIONS. This is optional. Would you be willing to submit photos of your vehicle or the vehicle itself to be photographed in our studio? If so please select one of the options below.

    I would submit photo if requested.      I would submit the vehicle for photography.

    TOY AND TRAIN PUBLISHING CO. will assume the costs of shipping and insurance of any vehicles submitted. Please do not submit any vehicle without a request. We have access to hundreds of variations in our locale and will only request vehicles of significant scarcity.

  • VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER. This is optional. If you answered yes to either submission query and you have a code that identifies this particular vehicle in your collection please type it in the text box below.

  • COMMENTS. If you have a vehicle with some variation not covered in this query please write a short note about it in this box.

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    USE THE SUBMIT BUTTON BELOWThis box is letting you know that the selections you have made will be transmitted to TOY AND TRAIN PUBLISHING CO. by email. This is perfectly safe. Your email address and any other information gathered will only be used for the purposes of this research and will not be shared or sold, EVER! The identity information will not even be used by TOY AND TRAIN PUBLISHING CO. for any purpose other than this research unless you have selected to be placed on our mailing list. The information you transmit will look like the lines of text shown below when we receive it.


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    Please press the SUBMIT button below one time only then use the reset button to clear your selections to begin another vehicle.

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    Thank you for participating in this effort. Hopefully, the information you have submitted will help fill in the gaps of Marx toy and train history.