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Hoge Circus Set

This Hoge Circus Set is one of the most unique American made postwar trains. Hoge, a Chicago based manufacturer, produced a line of trains and toys that are very well made and can be very hard to find. This Circus set has to be one of the most desirable of Hoge production. The animals in the open slatted cars are mounted on slides attached to axle cams. As the car rolls along the animals move back and forth inside.

Tom Thumb Freight Set

This Tom Thumb Freight Set is one of the sets I wish to own before I kick-it. Ever since I first saw this set several years ago I have been hoping to stumble upon one. I love the proportions, the litho, and especially that pink tank car!

Tom Thumb Freight Set Box

The Hoge box top is one of the most beautiful pieces of toy train artwork from any American manufacturers. One has to look to prewar European toy train makers like Issamayer or Charles Rossignol to find box art that compares.

Courtesy of Paul Wassermann