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Copper Mercury set

This is an unlighted Copper Mercury Set. Most copper sets are lighted and longer. This one is in excellent condition, usually they show considerable play wear. The finish on these sets is not really copper. The steel bodies are bright tin plated which is finished with a yellow/orange varnish producing the copper appearance!

I found this set boxed but missing the engine. I added the electric engine but was not sure if it was correct. As the years passed I saw other sets which were electric and then the obvious dawned on me. The box was corrugated. A corrugated box would indicate an electric set. Clockwork sets were marketed in pasteboard boxes. I looked at the box top and sure enough, there it was printed right on top, "Streamlined Electrical Train set". If you ask my wife she'll tell you that sometimes I am not very bright!

Marx marketed the copper Mercury sets in 1940 with the name "Copper Queen".