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Red B/O Mercury Articulated Set

This beautiful little set is a scarce prewar clockwork Red Mercury Streamliner. I have heard these referred to as "Crack" trains. The NYC actually ran some non-stop trains which were referreed to as "Crack Trains".

I have noted that clockwork sets do not command the prices the electric sets do even though they often tend to be rarer. I guess this is because so many collectors like to operate their trains and electrics lend themselves to operation. I believe this is somewhat shortsighted since electric trains are still being made in large quantities while the clockworks are pretty much out of production.

Red B/O Mercury Articulated Set

This shot, shows the box opened with its inserts. The box top shows the front of an M10000, a Commodore Vanderbilt, and the rear of a freight train.

Red B/O Mercury Articulated Set

This set is unusual in that it is battery operated. I have never actually had my hands on this set but I presume it took six or eight "D" cell batteries to operate. Marx made a number of battery op sets in the early days and certainly more in late production. My friend Trip Riley recently stumbled upon a battery op Commodore Vanderbilt engine.

Red B/O Mercury Controllert

This picture shows the controller and battery box.